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There’s no reason for you to dislike your home with our affordable home remodeling services available. At Chester Elliott Construction, we customize each project design to fit your personal needs, likes, and wants.


Giving a house a new coat of paint often gives the whole property new life. We offer interior and exterior painting services as well as paint texturing so you can experiment with new colors and styles for your space.


Whether your property has been sitting empty or is simply getting old, chances are it needs some sort of repairs. We offer roof and siding repairs to prevent more serious problems and keep your home looking great.
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Who We Are

Get the home you’ve always wanted with construction and handyman services from Chester Elliott Construction in Bend, Oregon. With more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in all phases of home remodeling and repair. We enjoy both the building and designing process and create each design to meet your specific needs. Customers say we’re trustworthy and provide better work than more expensive companies. Many enjoy our craftsmanship and friendly attitude so much that they use our company for their next project.

Contact us in Bend, Oregon, to learn more or to request our quality construction and handyman services.